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social responsibility

in 2009, hec made an agreement with the authorities of ruyuan for the joint development of the nanling national park in guangdong province. the national park covers much of the original forest, beautiful waterfalls and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

in 2010, under the direction of hec and the medical college of shaoguan in northern guangdong began to build a science campus with the goal to cultivate medical and pharmaceutical talents, doctors and train technicians.

the teaching and research institutions living quarters for teachers and students were built as well as university-related infrastructures.

hec was authorized by roche for the patent licensing agreement of oseltamivir in china. in the year of 2009 ("swine flu" and "new flu") during the h1n1 crisis, hec supplied 99% of the national demand of ostamivir, therefore hec was award by the "national development & reform committee" for its great contribution to combat h1n1.

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