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hec pharm contains four manufacturing sites:
hec pharm-macrolides chemical api
yichang changjiang pharm - chemical api, insulin, domestic formulation
sunshine lake pharma - oral dosage forms for eu and us
ruyuan hec pharm - chemical api, injectables
their locations are as below: hec pharm and yichang changjiang pharm locating in hubei province, and sunshie lake pharma and ruyuan hec pharm locating in guangdong province.

1. hec pharmaceutical co. ltd.

    yidu, hubei province, china

hec pharm, specializing in fermentation production, was established in compliance with eu and us cgmp standards. the factory adopted state-of-the-art technology such as membrane filtration system imported from france. in 2013, the fermentation capacity reached 6000 tons of erythromycin base and erythromycin thiocyanate. the annual capacity for macrolide derivatives (azithromycin and clarithromycin) is 200 tons.

2. yichang changjiang pharmaceutical co. ltd.
    yidu, hubei province, china

yichang changjiang pharm, specializing in the production of chemically synthesized apis and domestic formulation technology, was established in compliance with chinese, eu, and us cgmp standards.

the api product portfolio includes apis such as ticagrelor, moxifloxacin hcl, azilsartan k, entacapone and so on, and domestic formulation such as oseltamivir capsules, azithromycin powder for injection, telmisartan tablets and so on.

in 2009, a factory for insulin manufacturing was established. the development process follows ich guidelines strictly and no animal source materials were involved. hec’s insulin product is highly similar to the reference medical products of the originators.

3. sunshine lake pharmaceutical co. ltd.
    songshan lake in dongguan, china

sunshine lake pharma co., ltd. a subsidiary of the hec pharm , is located in the attractive songshan lake industrial park in dongguan. dongguan is also the r&d center.

the company gets its operation right from chinese in 2006 by the chinese authority.. the facilities were imported from reputable international companies.

sunshine lake pharma is also the production site for the innovative drug of hec pharm . the generics are produced while maintaining the same quality standards as the innovative products to ensure that they have the same therapeutic effect.

4. ruyuan hec pharm co. ltd.
    ruyuan in shaoguan, china

ruyuan hec pharm co., ltd.. a subsidiary of the hec pharm is located in shaoguan guangdong province.

ruyuan hec, as a supplement to hec pharm business, was founded in compliance with eu and us cgmp standards. its production line contains chemical apis, semisolid formulations, injectables (solution and dry powder) and pharmaceutical excipients (usp and ph.eur. standards).

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