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formulation internationalization conference of cpema was held at pullman hotels …
author:    time: 2014-07-15   browse: 1105

on 12th july, the 2014 work conference of formulation internationalization work committee of cpema (china pharmaceutical enterprise management association), hosted by hec pharm, was held in chang'an, dongguan. members of the committee summarized the work in the past year. two lectures "how does the chinese medicines enter and expand in japan" and "international mainstream market access and business development strategy" were shared in the conference. richard tang, the president of hec r&d center, made a speech on the road of internationalization in hec and made a plan of work in 2014.

formulation internationalization conference

formulation internationalization work committee of cpema made an effort to establish a new platform for exchanges and cooperation, which accelerate chinese formulation to enter into global mainstream market and implement the goals of formulation internationalization proposed by “12th five-year development plan of national strategic emerging sectors” and “12th five-year development plan of pharmaceutical industry”. by now, 39 firms totally have been listed on the certification of formulation internationalization successively, which has caused good industrywide repercussions.

formulation internationalization of hec

from the beginning of its founding in 2005, hec r&d center has firmly followed the road of internationalization. it has the world-class hardware condition, owns a highly qualified r&d team and a perfect r&d system. it is estimated that the authorized approval for hec brand generics for us and europe will largely increase to 50 or more in 2018. then hec will become one of the first-class drug development and production enterprises and make a great contribution to medicine internationalization in china.

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