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a long-term framework agreement for co-development signed between hec pharm and …
author:    time: 2014-06-02   browse: 1110

may 27, 2014, hec pharm signed long-term co-delevlopment framework agreement with state key laboratory of respiratory disease, a subsidiary of guangzhou institute of respiratory disease. the agreement is signed by tang xinfa, the president of hec r&d center and china academician zhong nanshan, the director of state key laboratory of respiratory disease. both parties will enter a series of major cooperation on respiratory drug r&d in the aspects of clinical development, academic communication, talent cultivation, regulatory affairs and etc, as clinical research for the kewei(oseltamivir) and cordyceps. the collaboration between both parties will greatly promote hec’s clinical research ability in respiratory disease.

hec pharm

hec pharm was founded in 2002, which is one of the famous pharmaceutical enterprise with the best r&d strength in china. hec pharm have one of the most outstanding pipelines on 5 therapeutic areas in china: hepatitis, oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, and neurology. a developed technology platform was established for new molecule, generics and bio-similar in hec. a group of medicines have been launched in china, us and eu. nowadays, hec has turned out to be a leading pharmaceutical company in innovative and globalization in china.

state key laboratory of respiratory disease

state key laboratory of respiratory disease, supported by guangzhou medical university, is co-founded by guangzhou institute of respiratory disease and guangzhou institutes of biomedicine and health, chinese academy of sciences. the laboratory is engaged in basic and clinical research of respiratory disease and provides various treatments for disease control. china's famous respiratory disease experts zhong nanshan, the chairman of chinese medical association, is nominated as the director of the laboratory.

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