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hec pharm sign cooperative agreement with biodel for development of ultra-rapid-…
author:    time: 2014-04-16   browse: 1303

april 14, 2014, hec pharm subsidiary yichang chang jiang pharmaceutical co., ltd announced the signing of a research supply and technology development agreement with the biodel inc. for ultra-rapid-acting insulin aspart. biodel, a specialty biopharmaceutical company listed on the u.s. nasdaq market, focused on the development and commercialization of innovative treatments for diabetes. under the agreement, hec will supply insulin aspart, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (api) in novolog?, which biodel will use to formulate aspart based ultra-rapid-acting insulin formulations. biodel has granted hec an option to enter into negotiations for an exclusive license to develop and market in china any resulting product candidates. biodel maintains rights to the product candidates in worldwide markets outside of china.

hec has focused on r&d of insulin for many years which has a complete pipeline of insulin. two products, recombinant human insulin (rhi) and insulin glargine (ig), have got into declaring stage. the biodel has patents of new ultra-rapid-acting insulin formulations and has studied its proprietary insulin formulations in more than ten clinical trials which have shown biodel’s formulation technology to be safe and offer a faster absorption and onset of action of insulin than the commercially available comparators. the win-win cooperation between biodel and hec lays the foundations for the development of the two companies in the fields of diabetes.

xinfa tang, president of hec r&d center, stated; “by combining biodel’s formulation technology   with our biological production expertise, we can build both a strong insulin biosimilar business and also develop new, differentiated drugs.  it is our plan to become known as an innovative drug company.”

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