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drug innovation and green synthesis high-end forum held its first meeting in hec…
author:    time: 2014-11-19   browse: 1331

the first drug innovation and green synthesis high-end forum was held on november 1–2, 2014, at hec r&d center. co-hosted by hec pharm and shengzhen graduate school of peking university, this meeting is aimed to paint the new trends of drug innovation and green synthesis. it also help to integrate the basic and applied researches to realize the combination of industry, education and research, improve the technological cooperation and brain exchange among pharmaceutical companies, university and research institution, accelerate the process of innovative drug r&d.

the meeting was attended by academician wu dongyun, chen kaixian, ding kuiling, zhou qilin, tu yongqiang from the chinese academy of science, researcher liu wen from shanghai institute of organic chemistry, professor zhang xumu from wuhan university, professor yang zhen, ye tao from peking university. all of them are well-known experts and scholars from china in the field of chemical synthesis and drug research. domestic senior experts dr. xi ning, dr. zhang jiancun, dr. zhang ji, dr. zhen changchun and other 120 participations also attended the conference. president tang xinfa and vice-president zhang yinjun were invited to participate in the conference and give speeches. it is rare to invite so many academicians and exports to attend a meeting at a pharmaceutical company.

the conference is begin with a speech by dr. zhang on drug r&d in hec. then experts made speeches on latest research progresses of their own field in turn in the following two days.

academician chen kaixian “drug discovery: trends, challenges and strategy thinking”

academician wu yundong “development of protein force fields and understanding of wd40 proteins”

academician ding kuilin “chiral catalyst evolution: rational design and serendipity”

academician zhou qilin “highly efficient catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation”

academician liu wen “key technology and application of genetic modification of antibiotic producing strain”

professor zhang mu “practical catalytic hydrogenation”

professor ye tao “total synthesis and biological activity research  of macrolide marine natural products”

academician tu yongqiang “synthesis of active natural products and drug molecules”

professor yang zhen “integrated synthesis strategy”

president tang made a summary at the end of the meeting. he said that the speeches made by experts are so wonderful that organizing committee plan to hold this meeting every year. participants could learn from the research results and know how to further carry out long-term cooperation of production, teaching and research. the meeting ended up with warm applause.

the meeting fully show the latest research achievements and the future trend in fields of new drug and synthetic chemistry. it build a good platform for academic exchanges and technical cooperation. the conference which received warm response, have achieved the desired results and a complete success.


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