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hydrophobic semi-iol

1、dual-optical surface semi-lol

due to the innovative design of the formulation, uv absorbers and blue filter compounds, we have fabricated a series of iols with good mechanical properties, good biocompatibility and less glistening (almost none), which have successfully passed the biological compatibility test carried out by testing institute of medical device.

dual-optic and 360° square edge were formed using molding technology, thus the production of aspheric intraocular lenses no longer rely on expensive single-point diamond processing equipment, which greatly reduce the manufacturer' s equipment investment, substantially increase product yield, and make quality control more simple and easier.

2、specifications of semi-lol

(1)so model: foldable hydrophobic acrylic materials

    high transparency, index of refraction>1.53

    ●ultraviolet- blocking

    ●blue-light fitering(optional)glistening less (almost none)

    ●excellent biocompatibility

" characteristic: withoutglistening, no adhesion of haptic during injection".

(2)hprs model: foldable hydrophobic acrylic materials

    ●high transparency, index of refraction>1.55


    ●blue-light filtering (optional)

    ●glistening less excellent biocompatibility

                                                uv-blockclear hydrophobic semi-iol

                              uv-blockyellow hydrophobic semi-iol

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